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   Welcome to The Hollingsworth Family Website. We are attempting to put all the descendants of Valentine Hollingsworth, Sr, here. The material comes from countless sources. Hundreds of documents and books, in many libraries, and individuals who have told us their linage. Although we strive to do our best, we realize there are errors, omissions and wrongful additions. With your assistance, we can improve and grow.

    The Descendants of Valentine Hollingsworth Society (DVHS) publishes the HOLLINGSWORTH HERITAGE Quarterlies, ISSN 1085-6080. The SOCIETY welcomes all descendants and interested researchers of the Hollingsworth, Ree, Calvert, Conoway, Malin, Atkinson, Robinson, Cook, Harlan, Heald, Thompson, Tyler, Rodgers (Rogers) and related lines during the 1575 - present periods within England, Northern Ireland and Colonial (later PA, DE, MD, VA) developments. Valentine Hollingsworth, Sr., transported his family group and John Musgrave, an indentured servant, aboard the Antelope' with Edward Cooke, Master, from Belfast, N. Ireland, as part of William Penn's Quaker settlements of Pennsylvania, arriving during ye 10th month of 1682 (December, 1682).

    The DVHS Society was originally founded in 1993 for historical, educational, preservational, and genealogical research purposes, which would assist the descendants and other researchers with factual records of their lines with their geographical progression. Since that date the Society has been expanding in membership, preservation of family historical records/sites, and Society reunion activities. Any person who is interested in researching and exchanging documented evidence supporting their Hollingsworth and related surname lines are invited and strongly encouraged to join in support of our objectives.

    The membership year extends from July 1 to June 30. Submit your name, address, Zip+4, phone number, Fax or E-mail, and a check for the membership dues of $30.00, payable to the Hollingsworth Society, to Treasurer Susan Webber, 18695 Woodburn Road, Leesburg, VA, 20175, (703) 777-5875, E-mail: pemberton_webber@msn.com. Dues received during June will be credited to the following fiscal year.

    Queries and family history documents or articles suggested for publication in the HOLLINGSWORTH HERITAGE should be forwarded to the Editor, Sandra Profant, 7425 Hollingsworth Dr., Indianapolis, IN, 46268, (317) 293-0125. The Society does not have any paid staff personnel. Qualified volunteers are not available to perform genealogical research for prospective members, and / or to review / ensure the accuracy of the articles received for publication.

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