The current, preliminary 2023 Reunion itinerary, as provided by our Reunion coordinator, Jo Hollingsworth, is listed below. The Delaware region, home to our immigrant ancestor Valentine Hollingsworth, is a treasure trove of Hollingsworth sites. Our normal reunion length is generally 3 days, but to cover key sites in the area, both old and new, the reunion has been expanded to five days. As always, attendees can pick and choose if they wish to attend all five days or attend on an ala carte basis.

We will be staying at Embassy Suites in Newark, the same hotel used for the 2019 reunion.



Tuesday, June 6.  We will visit Winterthur, the DuPont Mansion, which contains one of the best collections of Americana in the United States.  There are gardens, museums and a magnificent bookstore there.  We will take a tram around the grounds, then have lunch at Winterthur (hopefully with a talk about quilts) and then we can spend as much time as desired going through the museums.  We will be driving ourselves so you can leave when you want.  Dinner will be on your own. 







Newark Union

Wednesday, June 7. We start off at Newark Union Church and Cemetery.  The church has been restored from top to bottom and inside and outside. The windows have been replaced and the pews restored.  There is even a museum inside (small but growing).  The wall surrounding the cemetery has been repaired and the grounds have been improved with walkways, benches and plantings.  The coup de grace is that Valentine’s original stone has been found and it will be raised while we are there!!!!! The original plan was to hold the annual meeting in the church. However, according to the fire department, the capacity is 49 but 50-75 are projected to attend—so we are renting a tent. We are planning on lunch  at Newark Union , then over to Lombardy Hall, built by Katherine Hollingworth and her husband George Robinson.  We will return to the Newark Embassy Suites, but then head out to dinner on the pavilion at Docklands.  We were there during the 2019 Reunion—this is a restaurant in what used to be the Harlan and Hollingsworth building.






Coverdale Farms

Thursday, June 8.  We will spend most of today in the Centreville area with a couple of new sites.   We will be renting a bus.  We will be crossing the Brandywine River via Thompson’s Bridge at Hollingsworth Ford, before we visit Thomas’ cabin.   We will then proceed to Coverdale Farm Preserve.  Between 1929 and 1979, it was managed by Everett Levi Hollingsworth and Irvin J. Hollingsworth.  Today the preserve consists of 377 acres, with 200 acres of rolling countryside as a nature preserve and 177 acres for vegetable production and livestock.   Weather permitting, we will have hay rides and speakers.  We will then head off to Buckley’s Tavern in Centreville.  While never owned by our family, many generations have stopped by for libations. After lunch, we will cross into Chester County, PA to Old Kennett meeting (not yet confirmed).  Valentine Jr and Samuel had property up here and both are buried at Old Kennett. At some point, we will drive by Centre Meeting, which was founded by Thomas among others.  We will not be stopping, but you can visit for meeting on Sunday. Dinner is on your own.







New Castle

Friday, June 9.  This is a lighter day.  We will start off with lunch at 11:30 at Crabby Dick’s in Delaware City.  We will then proceed to Battery Park in New Castle, where Valentine landed.  We will then visit Historic New Castle where there are several historic houses and small museums.  There have been several requests to return to New Castle.  If there is anyone who is NOT interested in New Castle, you can visit Fort Delaware in Delaware City.  Beware—there is a lot of walking. Tentatively, we are having dinner with a speaker for this evening.  It might be at the hotel.  I hope to find someone to speak about Colonial Delaware.







Cooch's Bridge

Saturday, June 9    This is Cooch/Elkton Day.    We are connected to the Cooch family through Peggy Hollingsworth who married into the family.  The Cooch family sold the house and about 10  acres to the state in December 2018.   The Battle at Cooch’s Bridge is the only Revolutionary War battle fought in Delaware and there are casualties buried on site.  One comment about the sale was that it was “hallowed ground”. After the visit to Cooch’s Bridge we will head to Elkton, to Partridge Hill, where we will have lunch.  Partridge Hill was built in 1760 and was the home of Valentine’s great-grandson Henry Hollingsworth: merchant, legislator and colonel of the Elk Battalion of Militia .  Then we head to Elk Landing (in Elkton) to tour the house.  There will be a speaker about Elk Landing and its role in Colonial and Revolutionary America. Our final event together will be at the Candlelight Theater, a dinner theater.  During our visit, they are performing “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940”, a slapstick comedy.  Our group discounted price is $55 for dinner and entertainment.  It is a small theater, less than 200 I think, so it will be “cozy” and we can engage with our cousins for the last time.