Dr. Jo Hollingsworth

1232 Joseph Drive, Fostoria, OH 44830
Phone: (419) 306-0658 (H)
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Jo is descended from Valentine the Immigrant (Ann Calvert), Valentine (Elizabeth Heald), James (Mary Harvey), Abner (Phoebe Hall), James (Mary Hoopes), Abner (Mary Elizabeth Springer), Everett B. (Mary Elizabeth Wilson), Everett Levi (Bertha Pierce), and Henry Levi (Dorothy Paterson). She was born in Delaware, but currently lives in Fostoria, Ohio. She studied at the University of Michigan, Bowling Green State University and Case Western Reserve University, receiving her doctorate in French Language and Literature. After several years in the business world, she joined Filmtec, Inc., originally founded by her father Henry, and returned to BGSU for her M.B.A. Filmtec is an original equipment manufacturer of spooling equipment for the wire industry. Before her retirement, Jo managed the purchasing and accounting functions while her brother John, before his retirement handled sales and engineering. She  was elected to the Fostoria Board of Education, and is trying to become fluent in NCLB and AYP. As President Emeritus of DVHSS, she continues to support ways to increase membership, promote research into the family history, maintain current programs, and develop new ones as they become available. Her personal interest is early Irish/English genealogy.