DVHSS Family Trees

DVHSS Family Tree SnapshotDVHSS Family Tree SnapshotThe Descendant of Valentine Hollingsworth Sr. Society maintains two Hollingsworth genealogy databases. The first is a direct descendent database, which contains over 57,000 individuals, which is available to Society members in two ways. Members can access the database directly on this site by selecting the Genealogy -> Family Trees ->TNG menu tab, which will open the database online. If members wish to have a copy for use on their personal genealogy software, a copy of the database is available for download in a standard GEDCOM file. This file can be loaded into almost all genealogy programs so that family tree charts and family pedigrees can be displayed.

Information included in this database is based on family history provided by society members or interested contributors, who most often did not include source documentation for their information. Over time, the Society has added reasonable source documentation for the first four generations of the family, but beyond that the source data is largely incomplete. Additional source data is being added all the time to the master database and updates to the online file will be posted periodically.

The second database is significantly larger, over 557,000 individuals, and contains numerous branches that are related to Hollingsworth via marriage. It is no longer being updated and contains little source documentation, especially for the individuals that are not direct descendants of Valentine or their spouse.This database is also available for download, but in a compressed "zip" file given its file size