The 2020 DVHSS Reunion scheduled for June in Winchester, VA has been postponed until June of 2021 due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. After deliberation with the DVHSS Board of Directors and the Reunion Committee, DVHSS President John P. Hollingsworth announced the decision earlier this week. In his "President's Corner" article in the just released Hollingsworth Heritage newsletter, he indicated that the recent news on the virus required the DVHSS Board and Reunion Committee members to rethink moving ahead with the reunion. He stated "We have decided to err on the side of caution and containment. ...... The Health and safety of our members is our most important concern."

"Further, one of the reasons for choosing Winchester is that the amount of its Hollingsworth heritage is second only behind the Delaware area we visited in 2019. The committee came up with an exciting reunion and we did not want any of our members to miss the event due to health concerns. " He concluded by adding " I am truly sorry if the reunion postponement severely altered anyone's plans."

This was a very difficult decision, but the rapidly unfolding events over the last few days make it clear that the decision to postpone for this year was likely unavoidable and certainly in the interest of our members, especially those in the high risk categories. We look forward to seeing you all in Winchester next year.